SASS - Single Action Shooting Society

Single Action Shooting Society

As a business, we sell all manner of high quality holster styles made from the finest leather. This allows us to help create the perfect style of holster for anyone who is serious about seeing proper weapon holsters in the old-school style. Made to last for years to come, these offer you all the help that you could need to walk into any kind of shooting experience and get envious looks from others at your holster for your revolver or any other kind of gun.
One of the most prominent parts of shooting, of course, is being able to take part in a proper shooting tournament and event. The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is one of the most prominent shooting societies around. Looking for somewhere to get some recognition for our 10/10 holsters that carry that classic leather style? Then the SASS will be happy to open their saloon doors for you!

About the Single Action Shooting Society

The SASS was formed in 1987, and since then it’s had many people join up who want to take part in Cowboy Action Shooting™ experiences. These hugely engaging sporting events are massively popular worldwide, and give people all the chance to swagger around, fire off a few revolvers and whip a gun out of its holster – all while wearing the finest leather attire known to man!
As the overall governing body for the Cowboy Action Shooting sport, the SASS is the perfect place to start if you are interested in learning more about it. This sport will allow you – alongside Wild Bunch Action Shooting™ - to take your new leather holster along with you and show it off to fellow firepower enthusiasts from across the world.
This not only keeps the sport competitive, but it ensures that it is always evolving and changing for the better. Everyone who is a member of SASS across the globe works together to keep the values of the Old West and cowboy living alive and well. Carried out in competitive environments, these days can be incredibly fun and a wonderful challenge to anyone who likes to test their firearm qualities.
It’s also a great way for people to take part in a fully regulated, family-friendly tournament that is all about making shooting fun, safer and more engaging than ever before.

Can I Join the SASS?

Of course you can. You can join up and be the latest member to arrive to show off your finest leather holster to keep that six-shooter in fine working order. If you like gun-based sports with a touch of Old West style added in there, then this a society that you should definitely investigate further – along with all of your awesome new leather goods from BUSINESS!
If you want to take part in the SASS, or any other kind of shooting experience, then you should absolutely look to take part with one of our leather holster designs. You’ll be the talk of the town when you saunter through the door looking like a classic cowboy, with your gun in its holster!


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