How to Sell at Swap Meets

How to Sell at Swap Meets

When we spend time at swap meets, particularly a flea market, we often want to start thinking about making a few sales yourself. You see people selling all sorts of stuff and start remembering about all the sale-worthy stuff that you have at home waiting for someone. If you want to make the opportunity for buying and selling at a flea market possible, and you want to be a successful vendor, some very useful tips wait below.

So, what makes it easy to be good at making a profit at a flea market? What works best?
Be Variable. One of the first things you need to do is get used to dealing with various forms of payment. Some people will want to pay with cash, but plenty will want to use cards, PayPal and other such digitized transactions. Others might want to whip out a cheque and pay for it at that. We recommend that you invest in a credit card reader or a simple point of sale system to help augment your chances of payment.

  • Appreciate Haggling. At a flea market, the idea of RRP is gone; what you will get is what someone is willing to pay. So, you should be more positive in terms of how you handle people wanting to haggle. Be open to reasonable offers and you can then work with the person to find a good middle ground – hoarding because you never got the right offer isn’t always the best way to be a successful flea market vendor, for sure!
  • Get Graphical Designs. We recommend hiring someone to help you commission some cool signage for pointing out categories and the like at your stall. Make sure that you have an easy way to show that you are not just fly-by-night and that you have a pretty good idea about what people are looking for; sell it not just with the product, but with signage that really showcases the positives in buying what you have to offer!
  • Get Online. While you are spending your time at a local flea market, you should be spending as much time as you can pre-market trying to get people to come on down. Get posting on social media and on relevant flea market pages – especially the one you are going to – about what you are offering and why people should come on down to try out your wares. A bit of extra advertisement and promotion can be very useful. Start up a social media page and let people know about specials, deals and major finds that you’ll be selling this week as a vendor!
  • Stand Out. Lastly, be a vendor who stands out. Use louder colors, dress in a comical manner and just do all that you can within legality to make yourself more eye-catching to the potential customer. Better designs will really go some way in making that possible.

Take your time, look around, get inspired and use the ideas here to really sell yourself and make being a flea market vendor so much simpler!

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