About US

Connecting Customers to Culture


We take pride in ourselves as humans for having a soul, and we believe this the thing that makes the difference between us and the rest of the creatures of Earth.  

At TJAYZ, we firmly believe that handmade art and items have a soul of their own, a hidden story surrounded by the thoughts and feeling of the artisan. This sort of traditional art is the product of immense imagination and hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice, therefore it has the power to enhance the lives of the people who create it.  

For various reasons, more and more artisans stop creating their art. One crucial cause is the financial struggle they go through, therefore a little bit of culture is lost in every particular case as next generation fails to acquire the knowledge of creating such beautiful art.   

TJAYZ is a company committed to bringing customers closer to items of real value, items that have been created by the hands of skilled artisans with passion and devotion. Since we’re not talking about mass production lines, each item is unique and has its own beauty, its own history behind the creation process.  

This ‘one person’ craftsmanship, underlines the real beauty, as every product is created from scratch by a single individual. We’re talking here about self-motivated people who know what art and tradition really mean, therefore everything they create is genuine.  

We respect their creations and contribution to the world of art, and as a result, we are paying respectable wages so that people can prosper. In this manner, we manage to conserve and strengthen the traditional artisanship for many years to come.  


Now, judging our business conduct, we adhere to the fair-trade concept and ethical business relations where everyone benefits and there’s no exploitation in the middle our business venture. The idea of mutual respect helps us and the communities we work with, in Mexico, to prosper and grow.  

By working with family run or worker-owned enterprises, we have the certainty that we get 100% unique quality products and at the same time, through this small-scale trade, we help communities and individuals to grow and prosper, by giving back to the community.  

Our trade is ethical, fair and sustainable and we invest great efforts and resources to make sure that the situation stays the same.    

Why us? 

Besides the fact that we offer something unique, living forms of art; our company sets itself apart from the rest of the companies buzzing in the same niche, as we possess the time, buying power and warehouse space others do not. We have the required expertise in the field to close purchase deals.  

We work directly with the artisans, we cut all the middlemen out of the equations and pass all these savings to you. We are your direct access to the art you desire.