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For anyone who likes reliable attire, leather is the way to go. Leather products make the perfect way to look great and to keep important pieces of equipment – yourself included – in top condition. From holsters and wallets to sandals, boots, vests and hats, there are many ways to use leather products to help create quality accessories. From the ever-reliable leather vest that is so common in some parts of culture to leather boots for women and men, leather products have long had a place in history – and with pretty good reason, given their enduring style and durable nature otherwise.
Many of the leather products used, though, are handmade in Mexico. Mexico, of course, has a rich and long history with the world of leather. Leather shoes and leather vest products have been a handmade regularity across Mexican culture for large swathes of modern history. That being said, the connection to leather and Mexico is more significant than many might realize.
For example, the State of Leon in Mexico is one of the most leather-centric locations in the world. From high quality leather shoes for women to reliable leather holsters, high-quality leather hats and super-durable leather vest designs everyone can get something they can fall in love with when it comes to Mexican-based leather products.

What Makes Mexican Leather So Quality?

For one, Leon is a part of Mexico that never succumbed to tourism or any kind of real globalization. As such, many feel it is the best part of Mexico – or ‘real’ Mexico. As such, in these kinds of towns, there is still a strong undercurrent of what helped to make such cities so strong in the first place.
Leon, then, is the home of high quality leather due to the fact that the city never lost its heritage. Built on high quality leather products such as leather shoes, the city has a reputation to uphold. It’s a fine place to come to if you are looking for an escape from the bigger cities and want to see what ‘real’ Mexico is like.
When compared to the massive price hikes that took place as cities like Guadalajara and Mexico City ‘ascended’, the price of the highest quality leather in Leon is quite a surprise to most people. It might not be a ‘capital’ city in the common sense, but it’s almost certainly the capital of high-quality, old-school leather that would meet even the most stringent of tests.
Indeed, the city of Leon even gave Pope Benedict XVI a pair of loafers to wear! Handcrafted by local Leon leather makers, these leather shoes were provided to him in 2012 when he visited in 2012. This is in-keeping with the 20th century leather boom that has helped Leon to become the fifth biggest city in Mexico.
With over 60% of the shoes worn in the country produced here alongside high quality leather bags, goods, hats, jackets and more, it’s easy to see why so many love Mexico. It’s the “shoe capital of the world” too!
So, if you ever wondered where those super high-quality leather shoes hail from, there’s a good chance that they come from Mexico!

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