How to Sell at Rodeo Circuits, Craft Shows and Local Fairs

How to Sell at Rodeo Circuits, Craft Shows and Local Fairs

When heading to any kind of rodeo circuit, craft show or local fair you have a few interesting challenges to try overcome. Getting spotted in such a complex marketplace is, you guessed it, pretty damn tough. However, that being said, it does mean putting in the effort and the commitment to making sure that your selling actually makes sense from a logical point of view. With all of this in mind, then, let’s take a closer look at the best ways on how to sell at rodeo circuits, craft shows and local fairs with genuine success.

We touched on this a bit more on our post about showing up well at flea markets, but other tips that we can suggest to you include:

  • Selling With Body Language. One of the most powerful skills that you can have is a positive, open and happy body language. At any kind of fair, show or circuit you need to be able to make people see that you are someone who really knows what they are talking about. So, give them no reason to doubt your expertise by selling with positive body language. Stand upright, maintain a friendly and positive gaze and always give people the time of day that they deserve.
  • Appear Regularly. While you could have the best stall, the finest items and the most positive demeanour, a newbie will always struggle. People do not know your face and thus it can be hard to get people to trust you and your offerings. So, make sure that you take the time to come back; the more people see you, the more likely they are to give you a chance. Unfair? Yes, a little; however, it’s just the way it is, so make regular appearances and you will see a big difference.
  • Provide Value. From offering a repeat customer a nice little deal to keeping items by for people, you can do a lot to help make you a go-to venue for buying from at any kind of craft show or fair. It can make a sizeable difference to how you work and will really make it easier for you to come across well; first impression count, so make sure that you are providing value in a bid to help give people an impression that you care and like helping others out.
  • Post, Post, Post. We touched on this on our other post, but getting on social media and posting updates, offering discount and giving people early bird opportunities to see your latest and greatest picks can have a wonderfully positive effect on your credibility as a seller. Doing this, you are much more likely to attract people to return in the future which is obviously important. Crucially, though, such posts can draw interested parties to make more sales with.

Keeping all of this in mind, you should be much closer to fully understanding the positive nature of making sales on a marketplace. Any kind of craft show, circuit or market is going to be a hard place to get noticed – use the above, though, and that will become so much simpler!


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